Linden Park Primary School has a strong history in participation in the School Sport SA (formerly Sapsasa) competition.

School Sport SA runs a series of Knockout Competitions, State Carnivals and State Championships, which the school nominates individuals and teams for competition. In some sports, competition is run in district championships. This can lead to state and interstate representation for successful students. Other School Sport SA  competitions are run with the support of the relevant sporting bodies in Adelaide.
School Sport SA outlines the philosophy and rationale, together with the guiding principles underlying this broad based program.
All competitions are run under the Associations strict Codes of Behaviour.

School Sport SA website – click here to visit the School Sport SA Website.

School Sport SA Policy (PDF 699KB)

Students can participate in School Sport SA events at a school, district and state level as described below:

Knockout Competitions – Year 6 students only

In knockout competitions, if a team wins they progress to the next round of competition. The
knockout competitions are spread out across terms. Agreements are made between the School Sport SA
Coordinators of both schools as to when and where games are played. Games are played during
school hours. Trials may be scheduled to select teams to represent the school.
Knockout sports in which schools can enter teams:
Terms 1 & 4
Cricket – boys and girls
Tennis – boys and girls
Softball – boys and girls
Terms 2 & 3
Soccer – boys and girls
Netball – girls and boys
Australian Rules Football – boys and girls
Carnivals – 10 to 12 year old students, depending on the sport
Carnivals are whole day events.
Individual events for cross country, swimming and athletics – these include all 10-12 year olds.


District School Sport SA is not run by the school. The school will be informed as to when trials
for Yr 6 district selection are being held and generally 4 students per sport are nominated to attend these
trials. Sometimes more than 4 students can be nominated if the relevant district coach is agreeable
to having more students sent out. With excessive numbers, the Sports Coordinator and other
personnel will make a decision as to which students will be nominated to trial.
If a student makes a district team for a particular sport, the district team competes in a state
carnival. The state carnivals are one day events (cross country, swimming and athletics) or one week
events (all other sports). All carnivals whether for school or district are played during school hours.
The Adelaide South East District has 16 schools in the zone.

Most of the knockout and carnival sports have School Sport SA district team representation, so your child has an
opportunity to represent the Adelaide South East district in a carnival. District trial dates are only
provided to the School Sport SA Coordinator from the Adelaide South East District Convenor a couple of
weeks before each trial.


12 years old and under state teams are selected to compete at the National Championships for
students turning 10, 11 or 12 years old during the school year. Students do not have to represent a
school or district School Sport SA team to make a State School Sport SA team, however the student should have well above average ability and experience in their particular sport(s) to have realistic chance of being selected. They also must attend ALL trials. Nominating to trial is made online individually through the School Sport SA website – click here to visit the School Sport SA Website.


School Sport SA selection is ‘user pays’ and has costs that vary for each team depending on whether
a bus is required or not.
District selection expenses are usually around $150 and mean that your child will be out of school for
a week from 9am–3:30pm at various venues. District selection for cross country, swimming and
athletics only requires one day out of school time. In most cases, it is the child’s parent responsibility
to get their child to and from the event. Linden Park Primary School staff do not attend district
events unless they are a district coach.
State selection expenses are usually in the order of $1000-$1500 for airfares, uniforms etc. These
generally run for a week and sometimes occur during school holidays. Some councils also offer
subsidies if you apply.


All vehicles carrying children to and from sporting events in school hours must be covered with an
appropriate comprehensive insurance policy.
Only suitably qualified people shall be permitted to drive. This excludes those with L or P plates.
All vehicles being used must have seatbelts with the driver ensuring that they are worn.
Consent forms must be signed prior to the competition.
When numbers are large, a bus will be booked and parents charged.