At Linden Park Primary school, we strive to empower students to be a part of a technologically sophisticated society now and into the future. We aim to give students the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make Information and Communication Technology (ICT) work for them at school, at home and in their communities. Our Chromebook program helps foster this.

In 2024, all students in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be using Chromebooks in the classroom to support their learning.

We recommend caregivers purchase a Chromebook via our school IT portal. Models available are currently:  Lenovo 100e Clamshell Chromebook Gen 4 and the Lenovo 500e Yoga Gen 3 Chromebook. Chromebooks will be delivered straight to your door through our new provider, EduNet. Our IT team will work with EduNet to allow a Google Zero Touch Enrolment service to set up and enrol the Chromebook into the school's Google Domain automatically, all you have to do is power up the device and connect to Wi-Fi, once set up is completed automatically you may log in and use

Portal details will be emailed to families on request via the main school email.