Linden Park Primary School has a specialist music program and all students access music lessons with a music teacher.  In addition, at various year levels, optional musical experiences are offered. Linden Park Primary School does not have private lessons with private providers during school hours.
In all class Music lessons, students have access to a range of classroom percussion instruments. They learn about the elements of music including  pitch, rhythm, beat, form, structure, timbre and basic notation through singing, playing percussion, composing, making and responding to music.
Current Music Program:

Rec – Year 6: Class music lesson (50mins) per week for one semester.
Year 2: Junior Choir on Wednesday morning after recess.
Year 3: Students can apply for limited violin, viola and cello lessons with a Department for Education instrumental music teacher.  Applications open Term 4 for Year 2 students.

Year 5-6 students:

  • can apply for limited brass, woodwind and percussion lessons with a Department for Education instrumental music teacher in Term 4.
  • can join LPPS Concert Band (rehearsal once a week Friday morning)
  • can join LPPS String Orchestra (rehearsal once a week Monday morning)
  • Year 6 students can apply to join the Festival of Music Choir which meets Wednesday mornings.

For more information click here to visit the Department for Education and Child Development Instrumental Music website


Students in year 1, 2, 3 & 4 access a specialised art lesson once a week for two terms throughout the year.  In these classes students learn to make and respond to artworks independently and collaboratively with their classmates and teacher.  Students will also explore different mediums, develop technical skills and learn about artists and their artworks. All other Year levels incorporate the arts curriculum within their Units of Inquiry.
Please click here to visit the Australian Curriculum website to read more about the Arts curriculum.