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Linden Park Primary School offers a range of Out of School Hours Sport and School Sport SA opportunities for students to enhance their schooling experience.

The school encourages a healthy and active lifestyle and sport is a unique way of contributing to this.

We value the opportunity for ALL students to participate in Out of School Hours Sport, regardless of ability. Out of School Hours Sport provides an opportunity to develop sport, social and leadership skills, friendships, teamwork, patience, self-confidence and discipline.

The Role and Requirements of Out of School Hours Sport

The school supports Out of School Hours sporting activities to assist in achieving the above objective. We hope that for students, being part of a school sporting team will:

  • assist them in maintaining physical fitness and gaining a healthy attitude towards an active way of life;
  • provide them with the opportunity to increase their levels of performance of skills learned;
  • instil a sense of commitment – to the team, to practice and to the coach;
  • encourage the demonstration of good leadership and fair play;
  • generate an appreciation of the benefits of practice; and
  • reinforce the virtues of teamwork.

While competitive by nature, school sport in general should also be a satisfying and successful experience for the less competitive student. The level of competition should be appropriate to the age and stage of development of the individual. Most Out of School Hours Sports competitions are not played for trophies and effort is made to have teams of the same level of ability competing against each other. The emphasis is on participation and ensuring that where possible, girls and boys are given equal opportunities to participate.

The Out of School Hours Sports Program relies heavily on parents/caregivers to coach, train and manage teams and in certain circumstances officiate activities and the equitable sharing of these small burdens can be the hallmark of a successful student sports experience. We therefore target maximum parental participation and require the nomination of both a coach and team manager before a sporting team can take the field.

Registrations and Payment

In most cases, registrations and payments for Out of School Hours Sport are made online via the Qkr App on your phone or  click here to go to the Qkr website store.

Late registrations will be accommodated into a team where possible only if spots are available (that is, teams are not already full). If there are no spots available, players will go onto a wait list.  Out of School Hours Sport is ‘user pays’ to ensure the sports are self-funding. Fees are used to cover school and association costs to enter teams and to replenish equipment.

Payments are non-refundable, so please ensure the child is available to play on the required days and times prior to registering.

Sports Policy_Sept2017 (PDF 510KB)

External Sport Programs – Reception to Year 3

Reception to Year 3 students can participate in external introductory sports programs run at the school.

Please click here for details.

Sports currently offered at Linden Park

Basketball – boys and girls

Basketball is held year round with summer basketball played during terms 4 and 1 (for Years 2-5) and winter basketball played during terms 2 and 3 (for Years 2-6).

The school enters teams in the Unley Life Be In It competition with games played at Unley High School (22 Kitchener Street, Netherby).

Click here for the Life Be In It website.